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Our expanded and diversified technical experience covers a broad range of structural integrity, reliability , safety and product development including (but not limited to):

In addition to our expanded internal capabilities, we have developed strategic relationships with other small businesses in Central Ohio that expands our ability to execute on a much wider range of projects.  So whether you are looking for a specific technical capability or a much broader system solution, chances are Emc2 can assist you in some way.   



Emc2 current lab equipment and experimental capabilities can be seen here

Emc2PDFA (Pipe Ductile Fracture Analysis) for ductile fracture arrest in high energy pipelines is now available for licensing purchases. See our brochure for more information or contact us at Emc2PDFA@emc-sq.com.

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Emc2 is both nationally and internationally recognized for developing innovative structural integrity solutions (primarily pipeline related) that replicate what happens in the “real world”.   Now starting our 15th year of business, Emc2 has enjoyed steady growth over the last few years in our core businesses.  During this time period we have added staff that not only enhanced our core technical capabilities but also brought new capabilities and past experience.  This has allowed us to broaden the scope of what we can offer our clients.